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Catalog design

Catalog design, It is an indispensable form of advertising for companies that aim to create a corporate identity or want to support their existing brand awareness. To summarize briefly; catalog design is one of the marketing channels prepared for companies to show their products to consumers more comfortably.

For this reason, the article will not only touch on the subject of catalog design; However, we will also answer questions such as what is catalog designand even what catalog design should be like . Also under subheadings; You will also be able to get information about e-catalog design and catalog design samples . Don’t forget to read the rest of the article for all this and more! In addition; With the Ajans360 difference, you can follow all the basic topics you may want to learn through our blog section. Or you can contact us directly at

What is Catalog Design?

Catalog designexamples are the next stage… First, let’s discuss the question of what catalog design is in detail: Essentially, we evaluated catalogs in terms of the types of companies they appeal to and classified them as a form of advertising. If we continue to look from this perspective; Catalog designs are the stage of creating catalogs shaped according to the distinctive features of companies. Especially companies operating in many fields such as furniture, construction, hotels, machinery and agriculture can have the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers through these catalogs. Therefore, each company should need a separate design-specific catalog according to its field of activity and strategic work. For example; The products and services offered by the company should be diagrammed in line with the company’s vision and mission. Nowadays, with technology and the internet, Although it is thought that the demand for printed materials has decreased, catalogs are actually still widely used and even demanded. At this point, the interest in catalogs is related to the fact that they contain pill information and are easily accessible. Also catalogues; They contain much more detailed information compared to other printed advertising tools such as brochures and flyers. For example; Many detailed information such as product dimensions, weight, price and even features are included in the catalogs. In addition, phrases of address that will reveal the vision and stance of the brand can also be included. Therefore, what is expected from an effective catalog is not always just a standard edition. For this reason, we will even answer the question of what a good catalog design should be like in this article. But first, let us inform you a little more about catalog design types.

What Information is Included in the Catalog?

The thing introduced in the catalog should be written in a simple and understandable way, including what kind of things it is suitable for and in what situations it is used. There should be visuals about whatever is being promoted and step-by-step explanations about the visual. Sufficient detailed information about contact and address should be given and, if necessary, the location should be stated on the catalogue. One of the things that should definitely be in the catalog is visual expression. Catalogs using this form of expression attract more attention and frequently find a readership. In general, we can list the information that can be included in the catalogs as follows:

• Products • Product dimensions • Product weights • Product features • Tips on product usage

• Services • Service details • Information about the service provider(s)

• Campaigns and announcements • Brand / company information • Contact information • Other qualifications

What should be taken into consideration when preparing a catalogue?

Of course, we will also discuss the question of how to prepare a catalog. But even before moving on to the preparation phase, there are many details that need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, first of all, let’s explain what should be taken into consideration when preparing a catalogue: Catalog design before starting workA detailed brief should be received regarding the subject. In the catalog to be made, complex and incomprehensible words and similar things should be avoided. If the catalog contains confusing and frequent text, it may be difficult for the reader to perceive and may lose its appeal. Focusing on whatever type of promotion is being made in the catalog and promoting it in a detailed and simple manner is a must in preparing such things. It should be prepared in a way that is simple and attracts the reader’s attention, taking such things into consideration. The important thing is that it is readable and visually understandable and interesting, which are the basic rules.

Catalog Dimensions

It is important for what kind of promotion range the catalog will be used. If it is too big, it will lose its appeal and will not be looked at. Page and size structure are not actually taken into consideration. Because promotions are made that will not fit into the standard and frequently used dimensions. The most important thing is that the active ingredient is understandable and it is more convenient to prepare it in a simple way. In general, all catalog types used for commercial purposes are designed with an average length of 20 cm and a width of 20 cm. Designs made in these sizes attract more attention and are read. You can also switch between pages comfortably in your hand.

Purposes of the Catalog

The catalog, which is used for all kinds of trade and promotion purposes, has begun to be used frequently in all kinds of fields around the world. This type of method is used in order to convey the company or the things that need promotion to people more easily and conveniently. In this way, it will be possible to reach more audiences and promote. This system, which is frequently used in all kinds of media, does not reach high costs in terms of cost. The more you promote it to the larger segment of the trade, the more beneficial it will be for you and the more the company will become known in many languages.

Catalog Preparation

While preparing the catalog, preliminary preparation and selection of text and visuals should be made appropriately. It should be decided what kind of topics and promotions will be on the pages and appropriate page locations should be determined. Then, the thoughts about the content of the article, its style of expression and its types should be determined, and a catalog should be prepared by calculating how to convey it to the reader in a better way. Catalogs prepared carelessly and irregularly will be boring and uninteresting to the reader. It would be useful to make a presentation that takes these issues into consideration and focuses on information and promotion of the subject.

Catalog cover

So how should the catalog cover be? What is required for a good introduction is, first of all, a visual feast. In catalog promotions, looking at the cover attracts the eye and creates a desire to read it. Since catalogs prepared simply and without visuals are less attractive, there is no desire to read and look at them. Attractive pictures in the introduction and cover have become a must. While preparing, these emphatic and eye-catching things must be taken into consideration. One of the things that should be done is to have an eye-catching title on the cover in a large font. The catalog prepared according to these articles will attract great attention.

Catalog Design Types

In fact , catalog designtypes can appear in more types and differences than expected. The main reason for this situation is that, as we mentioned above, each brand or company has its own needs and demands. However, let us tell you the most important differences and types:

Commercial Catalog

It is a form of catalog that introduces any market product and describes the company in detail. Its promotion is explained to more people and in a clearly understandable language, and this explanation is supported with visuals. Its more common setting is to meet the reader in the office. The trade catalog can reach external readers through various means. In addition, companies and commercial enterprises from all walks of life take care to promote catalogs frequently. If you want to have a commercial catalog made, you can get support from the experienced staff of Ajans360 team. Let’s even share an example of a commercial catalog created within Ajans360. In this way, you can benefit from the catalog review and samples.

Ozyaman Construction

Catalog design

Konak Hospital

Catalog design


Catalog design

E – Catalog

Catalog design

Catalogs published on the internet after the necessary visuals and texts are completed are called e-catalogs. And they are used quite frequently today. As internet usage has increased considerably, such alternatives have begun to attract more people’s attention. In addition, one of the advantages of e-catalogs is that they are more in demand than normal catalog use. The e-catalog format, which is closer to all kinds of transportation, is used by all companies. In the modern age, such promotions and transactions have begun to be carried out frequently.

Benefits of Electronic Catalogs

When using this type of catalogue, the cost is reduced by almost half. It is very cost-effective and economical to make the necessary promotion on a well-designed site without doing any printing . When it is printed like the big book version, the cost is inevitably a little higher. However, in this process, the environment is protected and the amount out of the company’s pocket is reduced. This electronic web-based catalog, which is convenient to use in the modern age, is becoming quite common. There are dozens of useful reasons for its frequent use.

E-Catalog Problems

Since such catalogs are accessed with the help of smart devices, many older people experience access problems. It has a problem that it only appeals to the audience that uses smartphones. This creates the problem that older individuals cannot obtain or access information about the company or any product.

Online Catalog

Such catalogs are a method of providing electronic access to all information and images. It supports easier access to what you want and scan. It is used frequently and easily in situations where the task or thing to be looked after is desired to take less time. In this catalog type, environmental protection is given great importance and it offers a different alternative to reduce paper expenses and protect tree cutting. It provides ready-to-access and open services in any environment where a smart device is available. This type of catalog is frequently used in modern and modern times.

How Should Catalog Design Be?

• The catalog design must have a simple design as it contains detailed information about the product and the company. In this way, customers can examine the products in the catalogs much more easily. However, unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve the desired success with complex catalog designs where all information is included on a single page. Each page should contain sufficient visuals and text. Therefore, simplicity is extremely important in catalog designs. • Another point to consider for catalog design is the use of photographs and graphics. Photographs should not be used in sizes that are too large or too small, and this should be adjusted on a design basis. The line created by the designer should be followed and the whole should be achieved in this direction. • In catalogs where many products will be presented, the products should be presented with multiple small images. It is not possible to use small images in the catalogs of well-established and large-scale companies, such as construction companies. Because people need to clearly see the houses or other high-volume products they will buy or rent. For this reason, companies operating in such areas need to have a much more aesthetic catalog. • In addition to photography and simplicity, cover designs in catalogs are also extremely important. It is possible to attract customers’ attention with an attractive catalog cover design. In this way, customers’ interest in the catalog can be aroused.

If you want to get a service related to catalog designand introduce your products to your customers with catalogs, you are at the right place! As Ajans360 team; We have knowledge of all the details mentioned above and even much more. In fact, if you want to review our previous catalog design works; You can review the relevant page called Ajans360 catalog portfolio on our website. So, how does Ajans 360’s catalog design process proceed? Let us explain this process to you!

Catalog Design Process

As Ajans 360, we continue all our design processes within a principled and creative framework. We offer the highest quality service to all our customers, and in this regard, we prefer to stay in one-on-one communication with our customers during our catalog design process. However, it is useful to explain the process first: As in all design works, we first create a design plan in line with the needs and requests of our customers in catalog design works. • In line with this strategic planning we created during the meeting with our graphics team, we first prepare the internal typesetting and assembly of the catalogue. • Then, we send the interior typesetting design we prepared, prioritizing simplicity and aesthetics, to our customer for approval. • Where our customers request changes, we make revisions accordingly and send them back for approval. • After receiving the approval, we add the information, photographs and content that should be added to the inner pages of the catalog and check whether any incorrect information or photographs are used. At this point, the content goes to final approval. • As a result of these final checks of our customers, we focus on the final arrangements and complete the work. • After the final approval is received, we prepare the catalog cover design and present it to the customer for re-approval. • The catalog is made ready for printing in line with the revision and approval given. • If the customer wishes, the printing of the catalog can also be provided by our agency. We can also digitalize the catalog in line with customer demand. We can add features such as linking, zooming, and text search to digital catalogs according to customers’ demands.