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Digital Advertising Agency

More than half of the world's population are active internet users. As an advertising agency and web design content producer, we spend at least 3 hours a day on the internet for information, entertainment and shopping. Before buying a product or service, we always consult "Uncle Google". Companies must have original website designs to increase brand awareness and gain credibility in the sector.

Whatever comes to your mind when Digital Advertising agency is mentioned; We are more anyway! Want to know why?

According to the latest data, the number of people using the internet today has exceeded 4.66 billion. This being the case, almost everyone first searches for the product or service they will buy on Google. In fact, the pulse of not only commerce but also daily life beats on the internet. So what to do? Of course, you should contact a digital advertising agency and expert support directly!

Digital Advertising Agency

Digital Advertising Agency

At this point, as an effective digital advertising agency, we; We come to your aid with our 3 offices and a team of 14 people We help you with all the issues you may have in the digital marketing industry and design corporate websites worthy of your brand value . We analyze the growth processes of your brands and implement the best strategy for you immediately after determining their place in the digital market . Well, is that all? Of course no! So, before you take a look at the services section, let’s give a brief summary:

1. Web Design

The first step in ensuring that both many businesses and most brands serving in various fields can reach their targeted consumer audiences is undoubtedly possible with a solid web design . Because this design is the first sight that consumers encounter on the internet. As Ajans360, in the digital advertising agency tariff, we offer you; We are happy to be able to assist in all matters such as corporate web design , hotel web design and e-commerce design .

Digital Advertising Agency

2. Corporate Identity

Of course, it is possible to take your brand value even further. But how? Of course, by focusing on improving your corporate identity! You do not need to worry at this point because we can list many things you can improve when it comes to corporate identity . For example; Logo-brand identity , sectoral designs and catalog design are some of them. Many things that will make your brand or organization stand out among your other competitors and take you further are actually directly related to these issues. Therefore, each of the touches in these areas, which are small compared to digital advertising agency formats but effective for you, will help your business or brand grow quickly.

3. Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, you can see that consumers are in the majority, but still most businesses and brands remain in the background with unnecessary reservations. However, digital marketing strategies are not as complicated or troublesome as they think. All you need to do is to get the necessary support from an adequate digital advertising agency. At this point, we, as Ajans360, will offer you full support. So much so that Google ads , Facebook-Instagram ads will not be enough, we will always be with you in content and SEO marketing issues. With Google Ads, we will be analyzing many issues for you, from sponsored ads to brand awareness, from target audience definition to consumer demands.

Digital Advertising Agency

4. Photo and Video

When it comes to the internet and even when it comes to brand identity and promotion, what could be more important than visuals? Who wants to access a product or service whose visual they do not like or are not satisfied with? We guess you could give the answer without us telling you. So why not get support in this regard to grow your brand? As Ajans360, we provide you with our photo and video services; We provide promotional films , photo shoots and 360 virtual tour supports. In this way, you can easily receive service for all types of shooting you may need.

5. Social Media

When it comes to social media , we are talking about such a wide area, right? How about being able to exist without the fear of “will I be able to survive” in a world that expands and develops every day? In this field, we provide support on issues such as strategy research , Facebook-Instagram management and campaign management . Now you can proceed with your advertising and brand management on social media without any worries. In short, we can say that it is possible to expand on social media with the support of an expert digital advertising agency. So much so that we are already quite sure that you will be amazed at the point you have reached!

6. Counseling Training

If you are interested in fishing rather than fishing, you are in the right place. Because Ajans360 has a service policy that will meet all your demands. Therefore, we are here to provide you with the most suitable consultancy training and the qualifications of this training for both you and your brand or business . In this category, you can improve yourself in any field you want through brand consultancy, corporate training or online training. At the end of this process, you will feel that your needs have been met and you have been renewed in many areas.

You can easily contact us for support from a better quality digital advertising agency . Rest assured that we will always prioritize your needs and guarantee your satisfaction!

Today, many transactions such as shopping, conducting financial transactions, conducting commercial activities, creating a company profile and conducting marketing activities are carried out over the internet. Customer satisfaction is essential for this sector. For this reason, digital marketing should be done effectively regardless of the sector.
Melih Örnekbaş · 11 September 2022

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