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The services we provide as Ajans360, web design, corporate identity, digital marketing, photo-video, social media and consultancy training etc. In addition to this, we provide many additional services under these headings, you can review this page for detailed information. We have realized revolutionary projects with our innovative perspective in our projects that we have taken from scratch. Now we continue to work for you again and again...
Web Design

Web Design

We have accomplished many good works with more than 100 hotel websites and more than 200 industrial company websites. hizmet link

Corporate Web Design hizmet ok

The services we provide as Ajans360, web design, corporate identity, digital marketing, photo-video, social media and consultancy training etc. In addition to this, we provide many additional service under these headings, you can review this page for detailed information. We have realized revolutionary projects with our innovative perspective in our projects that we have taken…

Hotel Web Design hizmet ok

Hotel web design is one of the services that hotels receive to reach their customers and take part in the digital environment. Today, many people do their hotel research and hotel reservations. Internet through the internet. Especially with the widespread use of mobile devices, many customers can access the hotels that suit their needs via the internet.

At this point, it becomes impossible for a hotel not to be on the internet and not to have a website. On their websites, hotels provide detailed information about their rooms, various services, general view of the hotel, availability and prices. to their customers can offer. This requires a very useful and dynamic website. So, what features should a good and dynamic hotel web design have?

A dynamic hotel website should definitely be user-friendly and practical. With an extremely simple, uncomplicated website design, users can immediately access the information they are looking for. In addition, a dynamic website must be mobile compatible. Because most of the internet users access websites from mobile devices. For this reason, users a good experience responsive, that is, mobile compatible design is extremely important for it to live. If you wish, you can also have a mobile application compatible with your website...

E-Commerce Design hizmet ok

E-commerce design is a web design service used for online sales. With the internet having an important place in human life, concepts such as e-commerce and online shopping have started to emerge. The fact that e-commerce offers various advantages to both companies and consumers has enabled many companies to establish online shopping sites. With e-commerce design, a two-way interaction and a smooth shopping can occur.

The most important reason why e-commerce is used very intensively today consumers changing needs and the way they are met. The internet offers consumers the opportunity to access more products and brands in a shorter period of time. For this reason, almost every brand can provide much more sales opportunities by offering their products online. Before going into details about the e-commerce service offered by our agency to companies, it would be more accurate to mention the benefits of e-commerce to companies and consumers. So, what are the benefits of e-commerce...
Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

I'm Here!", originality that will make a difference, and service quality in harmony with the target audience. hizmet link

Logo – Brand Identity hizmet ok

Logo and brand identity design; It is a process in which a visual design that will make a brand or organization different from others is realized. For organizations and brands unique Being a brand identity is a very necessary detail at the point of coming together with the target audience. Logo and brand identity design, which can be seen as an important process in determining customer habits and influencing shopping preferences by keeping visual attention to the forefront sector success is directly proportional. When the names of internationally successful brands are mentioned, their logos immediately come to mind.

This is actually due to a properly executed design process. A company's logo and brand identity designs are the signature of that company. In order to be permanent in the minds of consumers and to be remembered at the point of purchase, companies must have unique and easy-to-remember logos. As Ajans360, we offer logo and brand identity design service, we prepare the most suitable designs for our customers' images and enable them to take the first step towards branding. At this point, we can talk about the importance of logo and brand identity design for companies...

Sectoral Designs hizmet ok

Sectoral designs are designs prepared in a special way for the sectors. By having designs prepared specifically for the areas in which companies operate to their customers want to reach much easier and faster. Nowadays, consumers can encounter different alternatives for every product and service. For example, we can talk about the existence of many hotels with the same features that people who go on vacation can choose for their vacation. Consumers, on the other hand, prefer to choose among these hotels by analyzing the hotel's reliability and brand image too much importance.

For this reason, every company needs to maintain various brand image and brand identity activities in order to differentiate from its competitors. It should not be forgotten that these brand image and brand identity activities will differ according to sectors. Each sector unique and all marketing activities such as advertising designs, printed material designs, digital designs should be carried out in line with these features. This is called sectoral designs. So, how marketing studies and designs vary according to sectors...

Catalog design hizmet ok

Catalog design, It is an indispensable form of advertising for companies that aim to create a corporate identity or want to support their existing brand awareness. To summarize briefly; catalog design is one of the marketing channels prepared for companies to show their products to consumers more comfortably.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Providing the highest quality service to your existing customers and getting one step closer to your potential customers. hizmet link

Google Ads hizmet ok

Google adwords is a system that allows people to stand out when similar products are searched in Google searches by publishing ads. We ensure that many people see the products, sites, applications that you have prepared by spending labor here.

"AdWords" is now "Google Ads" that it is.

We prepare and publish advertisements for anything to be advertised. This way in searches in the first ranks you can be seen. We think that our digital advertising service on behalf of the advertising sector will be useful to all of you. Our system is as follows; the advertiser markets his product and earns more income. The person who watches the ads also encounters products that are suitable for them, similar to the product they are looking for. This is how the system works. Of course, we also earn here ...

Facebook and Instagram Ads hizmet ok

With the development of technology, advertising has taken on a new form today. The usual television or billboard advertisements are now replaced by sponsored advertising has been left behind. As the internet has entered every home and people actively use social media, this advertising model has become more efficient. Company owners also expand their customer portfolio by using new generation advertisements, brand awareness They have started to make strategically important issues such as increasing their sales and accelerating their sales with sponsored advertising. You can also choose the following advertising models to grow your brand through online channels.

Today, the first option that comes to mind when it comes to sponsored advertising is undoubtedly social media advertising. It is one of the most used methods by big brands due to its ability to select the target audience very clearly, to be done at any time of the day, at the desired rate and in the most effective way. Providing detailed analysis to the advertiser, the demographic structure of the person whose advertisement will be shown and target audience It is one of the best things about technology that it offers things that people can love with advanced artificial intelligence...

Content – SEO Marketing hizmet ok

Social media has become one of the channels where users spend the most time today with the effect of developing technology. As such, company owners have also found a place for themselves on these platforms. To promote their brands websites and social media They have started to actively use their platforms. Their promotion can be done through sponsored advertisements or with a one-time investment. The best method for this is seo, search engine optimization.

Seo can be explained as promoting your content on your websites and social media accounts to search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing. We can also say to create the promotional article on your website according to the words that users search. Let's imagine that you want to prepare a promotional article for your hotel in Alaçatı. As a target audience via Google "Alaçatı oteller" Let's choose users who search like. If you include keywords in your content or promotional article, that is, the searches that users make, you will have done a seo study...
Photo and Video

Photo and Video

You should appeal to their intellectual senses with your information, and their visual and sensory senses with your videos. hizmet link

Promotion film hizmet ok

Promotional films are films published to advertise a product, a company, a site. Promotional films can be made through televisions, internet pages, social media publications. The promotion of the product, company or sites makes it more preferable by the consumer. For this reason, people want to publish commercial movie to make a deal with us.

It is a well-known fact that marketing is very important. Marketing of companies, websites or different products offers the possibility to reach more users. These can include promotional films or visuals. Promotional films company promotional film, application can be promotional films. These films need to be interesting, different and creative. The importance of the agency to be contracted is very important here. It should be preferred to get consultancy from experts in this field. We are also experts in this field...

Photo Shoot hizmet ok

The place of technology in our lives is growing day by day. In the developing world order, the units of companies are increasing and new items are added to the expense compass accordingly. With the industrial revolution and the inclusion of machines in human life, many processes have gained speed and changed dimension. With radio and television, the concept of advertising has become a must for a company, and various projects have been produced in this direction. Photography PR work is an extremely important job for reputation management. A company's reputation is one of the most important ingredients in the life of a company.

Photography is an art form. In every field of artistic production, the intellectual work that artists spend until the project is realized is ignored by the person consuming the artistic work. When viewed from the outside photo shoot Even though the camera seems to do the work, even though the photographer seems to be content with pressing the button of the camera, he spends a very intense intellectual work, especially with the desk work at the beginning of the project...

360 Virtual Tour hizmet ok

In today's digital world, the marketing sector has created a great opportunity for itself. At this point, organizations and individuals who engage in the process of getting business through digital means should benefit from marketing methods that will attract the attention of their customers. One of the best steps that can be taken at this point is the product 360 degree virtual tour shooting is to be done. As Ajans360, we come into play at this very moment and offer you the shooting you need.

Our agency is one of the largest virtual tour has the distinction of being the pioneer of filming. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, our company has worked with many companies, student dormitories, museums and hotels. panoramic photo completed its shooting. We have been working with many leading stores and reputable shopping centers in our country. virtual tour shooting work was also carried out under the guarantee of Agency360...
Social Media

Social Media

Being one step ahead of your competitors; getting rid of the large budgets of offline marketing channels. hizmet link

Strategy Research hizmet ok

Advertising is a unit that a company needs to survive, just like the basic requirements that a person needs to survive. The advertising sector, which has reached an incredible size with today's technology, has determined almost every place as a usage area for itself. Every area that people look at, hear and touch has become an area to be used for a company's vision, mission or message. Considering that the mobile world is a place where more time is spent than the real world and the vast expanse of the virtual world, the internet environment advertising industry has become a very important share. Naturally, such a vital issue has given rise to many fields of work and has meant more overtime for working experts.

Strategy refers to all the methods and ways used to achieve the goal. Advertising, in the crudest terms, means announcing the company's idea, products, purpose or just its existence to the audience. The ways and methods determined for advertising also take the meaning of advertising strategy. Undoubtedly, a correct and effective strategy must be determined in order for the advertisement to achieve its purpose. In this direction, it is essential to get help from experts and to have a professional company that will not put your business at risk with its knowledge, experience and references. Brand development It's a partnership of advertising and strategy...

Facebook-Instagram Management hizmet ok

Although the use of the internet in the world has been increasing every year, it has reached a large number of users, especially with the introduction of smartphones into pockets and the provision of internet by operators. This widespread use of the internet has brought with it the use of social media. Today In Turkey The number of people using social media has exceeded 48 million. The power of social media and its benefits for advertising are undeniable.

Facebook and Instagram have the most users social media applications. Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising are very important tools for brands and companies to reach a much larger audience. Therefore, social media management should be done well.

Social media is an area where people from all over the world can communicate with each other in seconds. Effective social media management will increase the awareness of the brand or company in the digital world. Social media management professionally With the construction of a website, the traffic generated on a website can increase by 91 percent. The probability of a website reaching its target audience in its relevant field can increase by 71 percent...

Campaign Management hizmet ok

Today's world is a world where technology and the world are intertwined with life. This situation has required differentiation in commercial issues. It is also possible to be successful in digital marketing and earn very high profits. In digital marketing brand campaign is the most important issue. Attention should be paid to the brand presented to the customer, the function of the brand, the identity of the brand and how it is reflected to the customer. When a brand is created, the biggest goal should be memorability. Brands that are memorable and seen as a familiar element are the brands preferred by the customer.

In order to be successful in the commercial sector, it is necessary to implement certain strategies and manage the brand well. It is not possible for companies or organizations to be successful in the initial stage without support. The most important issue here brand consultancy is to get support. Consulting companies work on the brand campaign for the development of the brand...
Custom Software

Custom Software

Mobile Application hizmet ok

When it comes to mobile apps, you should take another look at brand awareness. Why? Let's answer this question with a completely different question that is quite powerful. In an ever-evolving world, how effective is it to define your brand or company only through your website? How many people do you think prefer to use a computer instead of a phone? Let's even customize these questions a little more:

hizmet ok

The services we provide as Ajans360, web design, corporate identity, digital marketing, photo-video, social media and consultancy training etc. In addition to this, we provide many additional service under these headings, you can review this page for detailed information. We have realized revolutionary projects with our innovative perspective in our projects that we have taken…

Online Trainings hizmet ok

Digital marketing and brand management is one of the most important requirements of today's digital world. Any person, company, institution and organization that offers commercial products, services or value in any sector and targets a certain customer base. digital marketing training and brand trainings needs. The management of social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn is also included in brand management training. Digital marketing training and brand training can be online, course or one-to-one training is given in the form of.

As the Internet develops every day and offers new opportunities, it also changes the structure of the business world and sectoral services. There is no organization that does not transition to the digital world and adapt to its changes. company and sector cannot be in a position to compete with its competitors. Because the most important tool that will introduce and communicate a product to the target audience is advertising. Advertising is gradually shifting from traditional media platforms (television, newspapers, radio, magazines, etc.) to digital media platforms...