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Advertisement Movie

Advertising film is one of the most important marketing tools of the digitalized world. In fact, it is one of the most indispensable elements that will contribute to your company or brand identity. The sole reason for this is the preferences and reach of the target audience. We recommend you to read our detailed article with the promotional film for your company. Because the vast majority of your customers will want a guarantee before purchasing your product or service. And this guarantee can only be possible with visual stimulation. In other words: “Belief comes with sufficient evidence!”

You can find answers to all your questions such as what a commercial is, how they are shot or what stages they consist of by reading the rest of the article. Also, if you want to get detailed information about our other services, you should definitely check out the services section on our website!

What is an Advertising Movie?

Commercials are short films that enable marketing to respond to company and brand needs. They are coded more quickly, actively and directly than other advertising tools. This is because they appeal to both visual and auditory senses and therefore to emotions. There is no competition that you cannot overcome with a good commercial.

But of course, you need to be meticulous about some issues. For example; every commercial filming may not be right for your company or brand. Because attitudes are as variable as sectors. Therefore, advertisements in the same format will not be valid for every company and brand. So what will you do? You will seek experience, professionalism and quality to get a good service in this regard.

As Ajans360, we are aware that all our commercials should be suitable for your company or brand. For this reason, we never subject you and your commercial to a uniform format. As with every project, we are creative, systematic and target-oriented. If you want to make progress and are looking for experience, contact us! Please continue the article after watching the product promotion movie examples.

Volta Vs5 product trailer

How to Shoot an Advertising Movie?

There is no very definite answer to the question of how to shoot an advertising movie. Because each project shooting progresses specific to the company or brand. But we can still say that video shootings are the result of certain processes. So what are these processes?



First of all, the advertiser company or brand must apply to the agency for its project. You can contact us when you want to promote a new product or when you decide to increase the market share of a different product. At this stage, information about the product or service is collected from you for the scenario. In this way, competitor analyzes are made and an effective strategy is created for you.


In line with all analyses and conclusions, the next stage is the preparation phase. In the preparation phase, the script for the commercial is created and production begins. When writing the advertising script, care should be taken to ensure that the commercial film bears the identity of the advertiser and that the slogans evoke associations. Because it is important that all commercial movie scripts are easy to understand in a way that is suitable for the target audience, can convey clear messages in a short time and are memorable.


Once the script is finished, the shooting phase begins. But first of all, the advertising media where the commercial film will be broadcast and the advertising budget should be taken into consideration. Of course, all these details are shaped in line with the common points where you and our agency meet. After the procurement of the tools and equipment to be used, if there is a need for casting in the scenario, an agreement is made with the production agencies. By determining which environment is suitable for the product and service, shooting is carried out in different locations.


Not everything is complete when the commercial filming is over. Because appropriate music selections, editing and montage have not yet been realized. At this point, as Ajans360; we make meetings with you and request your approval by informing you of the situation. If necessary, we make arrangements and continue to work until you are satisfied with the result.


Commercial film preparation is not just about shooting. The work is not finished because the publishing part has not yet started. That’s why we keep in touch with you during the airing phase, just as we do before and during shooting. While the ads are running, we will keep you informed of all ad metrics such as status and viewership reports, and only if you are satisfied with the results of the ads, we will be satisfied with you.

We talked about commercials and all the information about their details. What about commercial film fees? First of all, there is no need to worry about this. Because, based on originality, we always take care to observe your budget with you, even if an exact figure is not given. Because we know that all our experience and professionalism comes from your satisfaction. For every work we can provide this satisfaction; As Ajans360 team, we are proud to provide professional support. Get an offer from us for commercials!

Melih Örnekbaş
11 September 2022

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