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What is Web Design, How Should It Be?

Internet browsers with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) language reduce individuals’ access to information to seconds. The fact that websites have become multifunctional and the demand for digital has started to increase makes successful web design necessary.

Web design is the conversion of texts, graphics and other details that will be on the website into software. If the website of a person, organization or brand has a successful design and a dynamic feature, it will take its place at the top of the Google search engine. Of course, details such as keywords and trends are among the essentials for a website. Thanks to web design, it is possible for the content to look pleasing to the eye and for individuals to stay on the site.

When creating a general outline of the web design, there are three critical points to consider:

1. Making a Decision

It can also be considered as the business plan phase. It is the process in which questions such as what content will be on the website, what kind of audience will be addressed, what will be promised, what will be its purpose are answered. It is very important not to make quick decisions in this process. Every decision taken without strategic moves will not provide a positive return, no matter how good the design is. In this respect, keeping the decision-making process long and getting help from an expert if possible will lead the website to success.

2. Creating Content

This is the stage where the database is created and sub-contents are clarified regarding the decided content. The age group to which the clarified content appeals more and the strategies to be developed to attract the attention of the age group in question are also considered. The precise determination of the content also helps to clarify the relevant databases. At this point, the frames of the website become clear and the designs for the web design start to be planned.

3. Researching and Being Original

For a good web design, information is obtained from reliable sources and field research is done. Some information is obtained and an original design is started to be developed in line with the information obtained. In order for the design to be unique, designs with relevant content are examined in detail.

Thanks to the three titles above, the skeleton of the web design is formed. Some thoughts are had and the design is made to come alive in the eyes.

Order and organization is a very important factor in the functioning of most businesses. When designing a website, it must be proceeded in an organized manner. The codes to be used and the images to be shared on the site should be saved on the computer. When any change is desired in web design, keeping the past under record will remind the basics of the site and will ensure that it is progressed in a certain line.

Successful Web Design

  • It has many visitors.
  • It moves the site to the top three search engines.
  • Attention is paid to SEO compatibility.
  • It is dynamic, the site is refreshed on certain dates.
  • User friendly.
  • Directions, links and menus are clear.
  • Language and address are careful.
  • It can be translated into many languages.
  • Computer, phone and tablet compatible design is taken care of.
  • The logo and colors are compatible with the structure of the site.
  • It has details and keeps the visitor on the site.
  • Differences are highlighted.
  • Expert help is sought.
  • Perception management is planned for the target audience.
  • There are multiple plugins.
  • Special days are not skipped.
  • There is about us section and contact information section.
  • There is creativity.
  • Current web designs are followed.

Failed Web Design

  • It has an average number of visitors.
  • It moves the site back in the search engine.
  • SEO compliance is not paid attention.
  • Static, refreshed when the site is remembered.
  • It is not user friendly.
  • Redirects, links and menus are not clear.
  • Language and address are sloppy.
  • It is limited to one language.
  • There are different designs for computers, phones and tablets.
  • Logo and colors are randomly selected for the site.
  • There are no details. If there are details, they are unnecessary.
  • Differences are not valued.
  • There is no need for an expert.
  • Neither the target audience nor perception management is important.
  • Add-ons are limited.
  • Special occasions are unimportant.
  • There may not be an About Us section or a contact information section.
  • No attention is paid to creativity.
  • No web design is followed.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing importance of digital platforms, the above points will continue. The design process is an issue that today’s brands must pay attention to. The service offered by the brand on the website, the slogan it has, the logo, which is the symbolic representation of the brand, and all other details are included in the design. The important thing is how successfully it is introduced with a design.

If there is a well-crafted web design, there is also a good image!

Sample Web Design Works:

You can access detailed information by clicking on our “Web Design” service under the Services heading. You can also read the other BLOG article on the subject.

12 February 2021

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