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Olbia Fresh

Corporate Identity, Logo Design

Olbia Fresh is a pioneering agricultural production company that brings the exquisite flavors offered by nature to your tables. Our mission is to improve people's quality of life by producing healthy and fresh food and to leave a more livable world for future generations by using natural resources in the most sustainable way.

Founded by a team armed with years of experience and expertise, Olbia Fresh aims to produce healthy and nutritious products by combining the most up-to-date techniques and innovative methods of agriculture. By blending modern agricultural practices with traditional knowledge and values, we grow produce that is rich in both flavor and nutritional value.

At Olbia Fresh, we know the importance of having a logo design that best reflects our look and values. For this reason, we are proud to collaborate with Ajans360, which specializes in logo design. Ajans360 has the talent and experience to create a logo design that will capture the essence of our brand with creative and original designs.

Logo Design and Corporate Identity