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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the use of a set of techniques and strategies that enable websites to appear in higher rankings in search engine results. As Ajans360, we follow the steps below to do SEO work effectively:Keyword Research: SEO success depends on identifying the right keywords. To optimize the content published on our website, we analyze the search volumes, competition levels and potential impact of the keywords we target.Content Creation: Search engines prefer quality and original content. As Ajans360, we create engaging content that is optimized for your website and will attract the attention of your users.Technical SEO: The technical structure of your website is important for its indexing and ranking by search engines. As Ajans360, we detect and correct technical errors on your website. These include page speed, mobile compatibility, meta descriptions, sitemaps, correct URL configuration and use of HTTPS protocol.Link Building: A good SEO strategy is based on obtaining high quality links. As Ajans360, we create backlinks for your website from quality and relevant websites. Analysis and Reporting: As Ajans360, we regularly conduct analyses to monitor and improve the effectiveness of our SEO efforts. We use tools to measure the performance of your website and prepare relevant reports.As a result, as Ajans360, we use an expert team and the latest technologies to manage your SEO efforts. Our goal is to ensure that your website ranks higher in search engines and strengthen your brand's online presence.
Ajans360 · 12 February 2021

What is Web Design, How Should It Be?

Internet browsers with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) language reduce individuals' access to information to seconds. The fact that websites have become multifunctional and the demand for digital has started to increase makes successful web design necessary. Web design is the conversion of texts, graphics and other details that will be on the website into software.…